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LPI Online

LPI Online

The Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI)® is a brief questionnaire with thirty leadership behavioral statements – six for each of The Five Exemplary Practices® of leadership. It takes 10- 20 minutes to complete. Leaders complete the LPI-Self, rating yourself on the frequency with which you think you engage in each of the thirty leadership behaviors. Five to ten (or more) other people, typically selected by the you, the leader, complete the LPI-Observer questionnaire, rating you on the frequency with which they think you engage in each leadership behavior. Respondents can indicate their relationship to you: manager, co-worker or peer, direct report, or another observer. With the exception of your manager, all the observers’ feedback is anonymous.

The LPI gives you great meaningful data, including a report on how you rank against more than 250,000 leaders around the world. Over 350 doctoral dissertations have been written using the LPI. It is the most researched and validated leadership 260 on the planet.

The LPI assessment with follow-up coaching costs $547.

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