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Lori Walters

Lori Walters

Lori Walters, Vice President of G.A.S. Global Services, LLC, is dedicated to staffing and committed to people. As a twenty-eight-year contributor in support of client recruitment, staff management, and human resources needs, Lori is well known for her integrity, creativeness, and passion for helping others. She tailors services to meet unique and individual needs through open dialogue and proposes solutions clients use to quickly obtain positive results with their workforce and on their bottom line.

Lori’s passion for helping others lends well to a career helping qualified applicants connect with top-tier organizations. She is open to new concepts and strategies and is a champion for those whom she represents on both sides of the equation – clients and candidates. Her uniqueness is based on past experiences and a constant focus on self-improvement that results in workable and sustainable solutions for clients and the organizations she supports.

Her leadership skills were first achieved by serving as National President of the United States’ oldest patriotic youth organization (est. 1895), the National Society of the Children of the American Revolution in 1987-1988. After aging out of the organization, she became very active as an adult mentor, and is only one of two individuals to have served the organization as both National President and Senior National President (2020-2022), leading the organization through the COVID-19 pandemic. She has served on non-profit boards for over 25 years and is currently President-Elect of the Women Advancing Women Foundation. Additionally, she volunteers her time to the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution as a National Vice Chair of the America 250 Committee and as both a state chair and state- vice chair for the Texas Society Daughters of the American Revolution. She is also an Executive Member of Women’s Energy Network and a member of the Texas Genealogical College.

Lori’s clients value her commitment to others, knowledge of the recruitment industry, and her ability to adapt with the ever-changing workforce landscape. She has weathered multiple industry downturns and exhibits valuable skills and knowledge allowing for her long-standing tenure at her current organization and long-term professional relationships. She believes in a strong partnership between the past and present and encourages others to be successful by growing both personally and professionally.

Clients of different ages, gender, professions, and industries including health care, legal, financial, retail, information technology, journalism, city and county government, oil, and gas among others, have benefited from Liz’s coaching to improve their organizations as well as their personal lives. They have received promotions in work, become more active and productive team members or leaders in their organizations as well as enhancing or developing more meaningful relationships.

Clients of varying industries and career levels have benefitted from Lori’s efforts to improve themselves and their organizations. She has provided engineering recruitment services in the energy sector and supported the manufacturing, oil and gas services, refining, and professional services industries. She has provided cost-effective strategies to manage a client’s workforce, including RPO and BPO services, in addition to traditional recruiting as a sole-source provider or in a multi-vendor relationship.

Lori has been accepted to the University of Houston Bauer School of Business pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administration and will be awarded an Associate of Arts in Business from Houston Community College in December of 2023. She has received multiple honors and awards including several citizenship awards for her volunteer work as well as being named to the 2022 Texas Hall of Fame by the Texas Genealogical College for outstanding efforts in furthering the genealogical, lineage, and heritage communities.

Lori Walters

Lori Walters

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