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Liz Cloud

Liz Cloud

Liz Cloud, President and Co-Founder of DTP Leadership Group, LLC builds trust and ignites growth for clients who desire to build a sustainable career or business, make more money, have more time off or live with purpose. As an Executive Coach, Liz is well known for disrupting feelings, thoughts, and habits that interfere with her client’s success. After 28 years in corporate America, this former CPA found her purpose, disrupted her own work life, co-founded DTP Leadership Group, a boutique personal development firm, and now specializes in people rather than numbers. She shares her experiences with her clients and offers practical solutions that clients can quickly use to address pain points in their life.

Her passion is helping others to discover the gift of disruption in their lives. A disruption is simply a change in attitude and perception. The benefit of being open to change frees her clients to advance themselves and find solutions to their problems and challenges. She collaborates with each client to clarify and manifest their goals, whether it is to improve emotional intelligence, have a career transition, gain work-life balance, be an inspiring leader or follow a dream.

Liz is one of only 101 Certified Masters globally in The Leadership Challenge. She guides clients to clarify their own values and talents, build credibility and trust with others, clearly define a vision that inspires, explore options, learn from mistakes, enable others to reach their highest performance level, and to care about the people they lead. Liz, a certified Vision Dream Coach, provides a process to focus on what clients want, where they are, set clear intentions, determine their purpose, change learnings from failures to strengths, and manifest their visions and dreams.

Liz’s clients value her insight and experience with self-assessment, leadership, social justice and how long held beliefs can block creativity and change. She is insightful, supportive, committed, and emotionally connected on a soul level. She stands firmly and works through conflicts. She perceives intuitively what others have great difficulty seeing. She is enthusiastic about learning. Not only does she learn and look outside her world for learning opportunities - she encourages others to challenge themselves to discover and apply innovative ideas.

Clients of different ages, gender, professions, and industries including health care, legal, financial, retail, information technology, journalism, city and county government, oil, and gas among others, have benefited from Liz’s coaching to improve their organizations as well as their personal lives. They have received promotions in work, become more active and productive team members or leaders in their organizations as well as enhancing or developing more meaningful relationships.

Liz is a graduate of the University of Texas in Austin with a BBA in Accounting. She is currently serving as Treasurer of the Women Advancing Women Foundation and is the Co-founder of the Houston Area Council of American Business Women’s Association (ABWA). Previous appointments include ABWA National District II Vice President, President of the Federation of Houston Professional Women, President of Brownbuilder Toastmasters, President of The Texas Business Travel Association, Treasurer of her homeowner board, and Director on various Municipal Utility District boards.

Liz Cloud

Liz Cloud

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