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Dr. Jackalyn Rainosek

Dr. Jackalyn Rainosek

Dr. Rainosek, CEO and Co-Founder of DTP Leadership Group, LLC, inspires clients to disrupt their current thoughts, feelings, and habits as they apply the right solutions in the right order to achieve extraordinary results. As a young person, she began coaching from her lemonade stand, where she helped her neighborhood friends with their problems. When overwhelmed, she would take them to her mother who would help Jackalyn and her friend. This fueled her desire to help individuals, employees, and organizations to identify their pain points and seek solutions. Her work creates improved communication, both interpersonally and organizationally, that results in effective levels of trust and cooperation.

She constantly surprises her clients, coworkers, colleagues, friends, and family with her enthusiasm to push the boundaries and find unique, innovative, sustainable, yet practical ways to grow and change. She models this growth in her personal and professional life by challenging herself as well as others to be real and live in truth.

Jackalyn’s primary objective as an organizational development (OD) consultant is to improve organizational capacity. With her 45+ years of experience, she works with leaders and employees to cope with a wide range of organizational challenges. Together, they implement effective problem- solving and decision processes, as well as the strategic analysis of everyday issues that hinder exceptional performance. As an executive coach, she is an expert in identifying habitual patterns. Her clear and direct guidance helps clients to remove those habits that block them from reaching their highest potential. This is crucial for the success of great leaders, no matter what their position is in the organization. She is one of only 101 Certified Masters globally with The Leadership Challenge (the most respected, best researched leadership program in 189 countries). Jackalyn is a certified Visionary Dream Coach who guides her clients through a discovery process to clarify, implement and accomplish their visions and dreams.

As a business consultant and marketing strategist in the DTP Business Strategies division, she works with business owners and corporate executives to generate optimal results and exponential growth in their organizations. She provides a complete business assessment using proprietary software that identifies what differentiates the client’s business from their competitors, and how the business can establish a powerful market dominating position strategy. Through a business breakthrough roadmap, she assists the client to implement strategies to generate the fastest revenue growth at the lowest cost, in the shortest time for their business.

Jackalyn’s clients value her passion, energy, candidness, experience, and commitment to growth, quality, and social justice. She has worked extensively with a wide range of leaders – CEO’s, business owners, executive teams, managers, and front-line employees. Clients from various industries – oil and gas, engineering, journalism, legal, information technology, city and county government, and law enforcement among others have benefited from her expertise. She has created highly tailored interventions to resolve pain areas. Her clients credit her with changing their lives resulting in being emotionally connected, confident, and committed to lasting change. Jackalyn is passionate in her pursuit of increasing employee skills and talents, organizational efficiency, productivity, and productivity, and enhanced cultural competency through diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Dr. Rainosek is the author of “The Prosperous Entrepreneur,” and she is working on a second book to assist the executive in making money doing what they love. She is currently serving as President of the Women Advancing Women Foundation, is a member of the Private Directors Association national DEI Committee and the national Program Committee, a member of the mentoring Program Committee for the Women Energy Network Houston. She received a B.A. in Government and Sociology at the University of Texas in Austin, M.Ed., in Counseling and Guidance at Southwest Texas University and her Ph.D. in Counseling and Educational Psychology from Texas A&M University.

Cell: (713) 705-1217 Mail: jackalyn@dtp-leadership.com

You can see her LinkedIn profile here. DTP Leadership website: www.dtpleadership.com

Dr. Jackalyn Rainosek

Dr. Jackalyn Rainosek

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